BULLshot: Jimmy Chen

BULLshot: Jimmy Chen

PW: Are you the hunting type?

JC: I am more of a gatherer; specifically, at Whole Foods, or some other over-priced vaguely ethical grocery store habitually patronized by the gentry, frolicking among the pastoral aisles between trumpet mushrooms, fresh sage, blue figs, and other non-essential items direly procured by Mexicans under a personal sun; then I’ll take a gander at the assortment of fine pasta, contemplating each shape—from penne to fusilli, its dangerous brother—and the feel in my mouth, opaquely glistening with extra virgin olive oil, the black constellation of cracked pepper speckled with entropy, perhaps a dash of slutty saffron to tickle my tonsils, I love my life, before I’m suddenly eaten by a lion.


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Pete Witte writes and is the BULLshot Editor for BULL. He lives with his family in Arlington, Virginia.