{Who We Are}

BULL was founded in 2009 by Jarrett Haley and evolved from early hand-stapled copies to this website and our perfectly bound, fully illustrated print issues.

We are dedicated to examining the evolution of modern masculinity from the voices that most often get drowned out amongst the shouting and posturing—voices that often struggle in silence.


{Who We Publish}

Anybody with a story to tell.

Whoever you are, whatever you identify as, and wherever you come from, we want to hear from you. If you’re hurting, if you’ve got things you need to let go of, things you need to let out, if you don’t quite know how you fit into all this we’ve been told we should fit into, if you think you’re the only one, we’re here to help you be heard.


{When We Publish}

We usually put out one print issue a year and publish daily on the website.


{Who You’re Dealing With}

The Drevlow, Senior Senior Editor of Editing All Stuff & Things