If anyone does any research, which can amount to turning on the news any day of the week, there’s no need to sensationalize the depth of violence rampant everywhere and daily. And nothing beats reality when it comes to the shit happening on this planet. It’s a never ending exploration in horror.Continue Reading

Two Stories

In which we remember Chuck Kinder with madcap glee. Hey Honeymooners!Continue Reading

Both Nasty and Biblical

It was what they had both wanted. Pulsing club music. Alan’s hands on the man’s hips. A bright smile with a wicked hook. When they kissed, it had been more like crashing. Collision.Continue Reading

Two Stories

“He’s hiding from God,” she said.Continue Reading

Lightning Over Pasadena

The heavy rainfall had stopped, and the wide empty streets glistened with the changing colors of the traffic lights. It was almost midnight, but he never seemed to leave work earlier these days. Not that anyone waited up for him anymore, not after Alyson.Continue Reading


Someday we’ll talk about us, but today is not that day.Continue Reading

Eat Me

Everyone loved to bite me, to take little pieces of me whenever they felt like it.Continue Reading

Tex Shochet

The boat to Cyprus cost us only our labor. In the short time of many hours we formed the bond of work. We were not unflinching, but we worked through the flinches.Continue Reading

Birthday Boy

…And a channel opened between her and me, but shit I mean to tell you I was like holding my breath as I’m cutting and she’s telling me about her and Brian and if I hadn’t been cutting her hair I would have been crying so hard, but I knew if I let it out I wouldn’t be able to finish and the channel would close…Continue Reading

Kiss Those Days Goodbye

An old man is confronted with an existential terror encroaching upon his land.Continue Reading