BULLshot: William Haas

BULLshot: William Haas

PW: Budweiser, Nattie Lite, Everclear…what was your go-to beverage back in the day, and have your tastes changed? If so, what’s your beverage of choice today?

WH: In high school, the drink of choice was whatever my friend J.D. could weasel out of the Mountaineer Mart. Usually it was Miller Genuine Draft; sometimes, Becks. Once, only once, it was Wild Irish Rose—never again do I wish to awaken cross-eyed and dew-drenched in an Appalachian cemetery. Nowadays I’m more likely to drink single-origin coffee. Today I’m sipping a Sidamo Adem Chilcho pour-over from Water Avenue.


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Pete Witte writes and is the BULLshot Editor for BULL. He lives with his family in Arlington, Virginia.