BULLshot: JA Tyler

BULLshot: JA Tyler

JH: Has there ever been anything that you could, did, but shouldn’t have said?

JAT: This fiction, as with all fiction, mine and everyone else’s, stems from reality. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or simply committed to the grandeur of ignorance. “The Things I Should’ve or Didn’t or Couldn’t Say” is as much about a real moment when I didn’t say what I should have as it is about a moment when I did say what I shouldn’t have. Regret wears many faces in my life, and the older I grow the more it wears, but it still grinds beneath me in the same basic fashion: I say what I shouldn’t, regret it, and though I know what I should say to mend it, I don’t. So we are, flawed, and this gives us purpose, incentive, the constant will to change. However, if you are looking for a shorter answer, or one that is perhaps a bit punchier, here is an actual something that I could, did, but shouldn’t have said: No, no. You can hardly tell.


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