BULLshot: Henry S. Kivett

BULLshot: Henry S. Kivett

CW: In your opinion, should Pluto still be considered a planet?

HSK: All astronomical arguments aside, I think Pluto is still, on a gut level, considered a planet by most of us. And not just by adults who grew up used to the idea. My son considers Pluto a planet despite its reclassification a year before he was born. I learned the term “trans-Neptunian bodies” at a planetarium where an astronomer informed a group of preschoolers that Pluto was no longer a planet. Not a single kid believed him. Poor guy. If the scientific community wants the new classification to stick, they should brand it a little better. How about Pluto: Dwarf King of the Kuiper Belt!

Call me, science. I can help you with this.


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