BULLshot: Eric Raymond

BULLshot: Eric Raymond

PW: A story about a pornography production company’s corporate office. I’ve never even thought that such a place existed, but it must. The whole office angle worked to make this unexpectedly funny. Will you talk about the creative process for how you came up with such a setting?


ER: Whether you’re a part of the surveillance monetization economy (Facebook, etc.), the distraction economy (i.e. sharecropping for UpFeed or BuzzWorthy), or ghostwriting for the self-help economy, it all has to get chunked up and processed the same way. You do it planted in front of a screen of some kind. Writing SEO headlines or garnering Likes or blurring cocks in porno-teasers is basically the same thing.

So, you know, you have to make the slaughterhouse for the content processing comfortable and engage in this longstanding tech company illusion that you’re all vaguely part of some pirate ship. Because if we were just cogging along, packaging information widgets, we certainly wouldn’t have all this cool furniture and game room shit, right? In Confessions it seemed perfectly natural to put the pornographic and the office in the same room.


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