BULLshot: Brian Oliu

BULLshot: Brian Oliu

PW: I read “Kid Icarus” and thought: the language.  This takes a lot of work. Will you talk about your revision process?


BO: When I write, my main goal is to make sure that when I give a reading of the piece or do a recording everything sounds as it should–the majority of my revision process is spent reading out loud the project I am working on, so I can get that voice back. There have been times where I have read the entire manuscript out loud just so I can continue on and write a new piece: this doesn’t exactly work too well in regards to time management–some days I’ll find myself reading for a good twenty minutes and only be able to write 30 or 40 words. However, this is a positive thing, as I grow incredibly comfortable with the pieces in the manuscript–it also makes revision a part of my ‘writing something new’ process. If something gets caught in my throat, or it doesn’t adhere to the logic of the piece or the language, it gets cut. If I find myself stumbling or my rhythm breaks, I know it needs work.


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