BULLshot: Lindsay Hunter

BULLshot: Lindsay Hunter
BULL: What’s your favorite car/travel game?
LH: Right now my favorite car/travel game is “how fast can I fall asleep?” I’m pretty good at it. When I was a kid our favorite game on family road trips was to see who my dad would yell at first / who my mom would reach behind her seat to swat at. One time my dad was so fed up, so apoplectic with us kids, that he sputtered, “Close your FAT EYES, KIDS!” So many levels of this make it amazing: 1. that he’d assume us closing our eyes would cause immediate sleep 2. that in his rage the insult that came out was how fat our eyes were 3. that he didn’t understand that said insult would make our rambunctiousness way, way worse.

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